Online Watercolour Classes, tutorial Workshops Online for beginners with Jenny Gilchrist - see some of Jenny's watercolour paintings here.


  • frustrated trying to figure it out yourself?
  • dissatisfied with hobby and youtube tutorials?
  • Just not sure how to progress in your painting?
  • Wondering if you have the right materials ?
  • Wanting to know how to paint a FULL, complex painting.
  • Wondering how to apply the paint and what watercolour techniques to use where?
  • An absolute beginner who has never painted, or an intermediate painter who has hit a plateau?
  • Wondering why you always getting unattractive brushmarks and / or backruns in your work?
  • Feeling like you'd enjoy learning some REAL skills, rather than just watching youtube hobby artists?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the complexities of watercolour?
  • Getting nervous even looking at the blank page?



Jenny will instil confidence, give direction and teach you the skills to produce paintings to be proud of.

"I want my online students to feel like they're in a 'live' class!"

  • With feedback on any painting or exercise you want, through our 'post your painting' & comments section, if you choose to use it.
  • all your questions answered within a short time
  • generous and honest critiques of your work whenever you want
  • a wonderful sense of community if you want to join in.
Watercolour Painting of Manly Cove Beach, Sydney, by Jenny Gilchrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour.
Not forgotten

You don't just join up, and that's it. Your tutor is involved in your work, whenever you want. You can post your exercises and paintings for feedback to check that you're on the right track. Not forgotten. No worries.

Watercolour Painting of Collaroy Beach, Sydney, by Jenny Gilchrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour.
No Expiry Date

We know life gets in the way. So go on holidays, take a break, paint like crazy for days on end. We don't care. It's up to YOU!

No expiry dates. No worries.

Watercolour Painting done in Online course of Australian Bush shack, by Jenny Gilchrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour.
No Set Days or Times

Have odd work hours? Want to only paint on weekends? Prefer mornings? Can't see properly at night? Whatever! Paint whenever you like, 3am if that's what you want. We don't care.

No set times. No worries.

You won't believe what you can do after only

one class!


The Welcome to Watercolor painting school is a product of decades of knowledge - AND the online version of Jenny's ever popular art school, Northern Beaches Watercolour (

Jenny has courses from Absolute Beginner to Intermediate painters, and aims to demystify watercolour, giving you confidence, direction and the skills to paint beautiful pictures in watercolour, while having fun along the way. You can choose a level to suit you!

STOP WONDERING how they do it. LEARN how they do it, instead.

Your Instructor: is professional artist and teacher, Jenny Gilchrist.

Everyone can paint: no drawing skills required and no experience necessary.

At your own pace: enjoy watching, painting and practicing at your own pace, any time, as often as you want. Rewind and rewatch.

From Absolute Beginner: you need never have picked up a brush, you can still start today.

to Intermediate Painters: you won't believe what you never knew - learn all the tips and tricks of the professionals and revise important information.

Bad Habits: Your instructor is neither a self taught, nor a hobby artist. This means you won't be unintentionally picking up bad habits or faults.

A fully structured course: each section building skills on the last.

Step by Step instruction: nothing left unexplained.

Fully demonstrated: on clear HD videos you'll see what the painter is seeing .

Templates: and other drawing aids supplied, so you don't need to worry.

Class work notes: after each section to print off/save and keep as reference.

Keep Progressing: if you wish, through the entire course with the aim of having the skills to paint full and complicated scenes of your own.

Equipment: all equipment is described and choices given. Recommendations are suggested to ensure you produce the best paintings possible on your watercolour adventure.

Jenny Gilchrist, watercolour artist and teacher at Northern Beaches Welcome to Watercolour Online Courses.

Did they love it?

"Thank Goodness I found this courseI had no idea what I was missing out on, I thought I was an intermediate painter, I'm SO glad I started from the start, its made a huge difference to the quality of my painting."

- Marie Gunderson

"I am absolutely loving Jenny’s classes with her excellent way of teaching and getting the information across. Always clear and precise in a friendly fun manner."

- Carmel Fullerton

"WOW, that was the absolute best 2.5 hours (my first class) I have had for a VERY long time. Jenny is not only a talented artist, but she also has a gift in translating that talent into teaching in a very easy to follow and enjoyable way. Totally recommend, if you're willing, Jenny is able :)"

- Jodie B.

With the helpful step by step guidance I was able to paint something that I didn't think I was capable of, AND had a lot of fun doing it. I love that we get the subject to paint, with great instructions on how to bring all that we have learned together:


From Absolute Beginner, never picked up a brush

to Intermediate, been painting for ages -

you will find fun, enjoyment, a wonderful learning environment and even a social scene online if you want it.
From 18yrs - 80 years. You'll LOVE it.
Collage of watercolour paintings by Jenny Gilchrist - Watercolour Classes online for beginner painters.