Christmas watercolour fun!

8 Fabulous christmas designs - cards, tags or just for fun and Christmas relaxation.

  • All in Watercolour
  • Super fun and a variety of difficulty
  • NO DRAWING experience needed
  • 8-10 hours of painting
  • use designs to make your own cards or tags if you want or just enjoy the painting.
  • No Stress - just hours of FUN
  • Fully demonstrated - step by step Video tutorials
  • et creative and surprise your friends and family.
  • Beginners to Intermediate
  • Difficulty rating - Super Easy to MediumHard.

Fun Rating - off the charts.

Online Christmas Easy Watercolour Workshop
Online Christmas Easy Watercolour Workshop

HOURS of Watercolour TUTORIALS

Your instructor is not a hobby painter or a 'youtube' painter -

Jenny is a professional artist and a teacher

of hundreds of adult watercolour students and wants YOU to ENJOY this beautiful time of year, escape into a bit of holiday time feeling,- we deserve it after the year we've had (2021) and just relax and create, learning step by step, at your own pace, through this carefully explained and demonstrated workshop. Stop wondering about colours, paper, paint, or techniques. Everything is explained.

Just want someone to SHOW YOU?Then you've found it!

Yours to keep, full access to the Christmas Watercolour workshop.

Your Instructor - Jenny Gilchrist

Professional Artist and Teacher.

Hi, I'm Jenny, your instructor.

I have a very successful and established Watercolour Art School on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia: Northern Beaches Watercolour where I teach my four level, structured, face to face watercolor classes from absolute beginner. I have taught hundreds and hundreds of adults to paint in watercolour. My Live Online classes and workshops are now more popular than ever, as is my Absolute Beginners watercolour course right here on Teachable. I've sold my paintings both in Australia and Overseas. I've had 30 years experience painting, but the most satisfaction I get is teaching adult students to paint in this most enigmatic of mediums.

I like a casual and no-pressure attitude to teaching, with a bit of humor tossed in, so that you can concentrate on enjoying the adventure. Join me, you'll be so surprised at what you can do in just a couple of lessons.

Jenny Gilchrist teaches watercolour classes online
Online Christmas Easy Watercolour Workshop

"Ha! I can actually paint this!"

"I hate it when I can't understand what's going on. These tutorials, I can follow and Jenny explains. I can stop, start, review, and I'm actually getting good results, thanks for letting me trial it for you!"

— Seonaid Kirkland.

Online Christmas Easy Watercolour Workshop

"Such good value "

"I've bought Jenny's 2020 workshop, and knew I would love this one. I've improved since then, and I can't believe what I'm painting. It's such good value, took me about 11 hours to paint all the pictures. That's about $8 an hour for my pleasure and enjoyment. It's actually priceless."

- Karen Flannagan.

Online Christmas Easy Watercolour Workshop
"How does this look, Jenny?"

I want to get this one right, I'm happy with the result, and I LOVE it that I can ask you about things when I have an issue, and you ACTUALLY RESPONDED! The colour in the shadow just seems wrong. Can you help? I really appreciate that you are available for help and I am not just forgotten. Look forward to your feedback.:"

--Kelly M.