The Superb Wren

One of our most iconic little species, this beautiful blue fairy wren is native to south eastern Australia, and is commonly seen in scrubby tangled undergrowth, and even in suburban gardens. Try going 'loose' with this one, we'll talk about it, and give this picture some movement - just like the little birds.

Watercolour workshops online on demand with Jenny Giclhrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour

Frauenkirche Dresden

This beautiful chuch in Dresden, Germany was destroyed during WWII and famously rebuilt. A lovely introduction to painting busy architecture in a very simple way, you'll need your drawing hat on, just for a bit symmetry, but the idea is to let loose a lot with the painting.

Watercolour workshops online on demand with Jenny Giclhrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour

Pebble Stack

You'll enjoy ditching the 'drawing hat', and using your soft-edge skills to create a temple of texture. Stones one atop another is a relaxing and New Age (borrowed from the ancients) symbol of relaxation. Let's see if we can relax while painting this.

Tutorial how to paint Golden Wattle in Watercolour with Jenny Gilchrist.

Golden Wattle

Everyone wants to know how to paint lovely Australian species of plants. They are not easy however, and are usually overpainted. Golden Wattle, Acacia pycantha, is Australia's national floral emblem, with its striking and fluffy heads of stamens. It can be easily overdone, so we'll give it all the attention but none of the fuss to create a beautiful spray of spring.

4 fantastic paintings

Beginner Plus Level - More than beginner, but not quite intermediate - You'll need some skills for this - not too easy, but not super hard either.

(not absolute beginner)

  • 4 hours 42 minutes of fully video demonstrated tutorials.
  • 7-8 hours of painting, not including drying time.
  • Unlimited access - no expiry date.
  • Equipment listed at the start of each tutorial.
  • Equipment and colours suggested, but you can use whatever you choose. Some optional.




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