Here it is

A watercolour course that fits the strange space between "beginner" and "intermediate".

Guessing about layering, design, painting complicated scenes, making darks, washing in underpaintings...and more?
Sick of trying to figure it out yourself?
Wanting to paint more loosely and freely without overfussing?
Want that finessed look, not a muddy mess?
Tried lots of tutorials, and still not clear on how to do it yourself?
Hit a plateau, and not sure where to go from here?
Confused about layering, shadows, skies?

Intermediate Classes for watercolour painters on demand online with Jenny Gilchrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour

30+ hours of watercolour classes making your skills come alive.

To enjoy this course you should KNOW ALL THE FOUNDATION SKILLS.

This is the ultimate watercolour guide for:

Those who want to get out of the Beginner Zone.

Those who are not confident to be called intermediate.

People who know all the beginner and foundation skills.

Students who want to use more complex techniques

Those who want to progress out of 'self taught'.

Painters who use and are familiar with artist quality materials.

People who want a bit more challenge.

Lots of people get to the Level 2 'experienced beginner' stage, but not many push past it.

THIS will make the difference.

The Ultimate Watercolour Course for 'almost' Intermediates.


You'll enjoy:

  • A range of Level 3 skills taught in a carefully structured course.
  • 10 x full classes / around 30+ hours of modules
  • The fun set of Level 3 "No Brainer " workshop paintings.
  • Full view of the instructor's workspace from the
  • Overhead HD camera - videos.
  • An Exclusive and Private Facebook Group just for course students
  • Easy contact with your instructor when you have questions
  • multiple videos, demonstrations, images and lectures.
  • Each skill built on the one before
  • Cleverly crafted exercises to practice your skills
  •  and all painting subjects supplied.
  • Fully explained techniques and Colour Recipes
  • No drawing skills required - templates and drawing aids supplied.
  • Every exercise, technique and painting demonstrated on video
  • Comprehensive, relaxed Step by Step instruction
  • Full set of .pdf class notes to keep / download / print as reference.
  • Watch this course as many times as you like, whenever you like.
  • Knowing that if you've chosen the wrong level you can switch to one more appropriate. Just contact Jenny the normal way.

Watercolour painting of Berowra Broken Bay area
No Time Limits

Watercolour painting of Manly Wharf Sydney - Learn to paint in watercolour with Jenny Gilchrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour.
No Expiry Dates

Watercolour painting collage - Learn to paint in watercolour with Jenny Gilchrist and Northern Beaches Watercolour.
No Worries

Your Instructor - Jenny Gilchrist

Professional Artist and Teacher.

Hi, I'm Jenny, your instructor.

I have a very successful and established Watercolour Art School on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia: Northern Beaches Watercolour where I teach my four level, structured, face to face watercolor classes. My Live Online Zoom classes and workshops are now more popular than ever, and I've sold my paintings both in Australia and Overseas. I've had 30 years experience painting, but the most satisfaction I get is teaching adult students to paint in this most enigmatic of mediums.

Unlike most online courses, my students feel like they're IN a real class, because I'm online giving timely feedback, critiques and help on their work, when they need it.

I like a casual and no-pressure attitude to teaching, with a bit of humor tossed in, so that you can concentrate on enjoying the adventure. Join me, you'll be so surprised at what you can do in just a couple of lessons.

Best - you can keep progressing through further levels in the course, finessing your skills and learning new ones. The aim is to get you painting your own, full paintings.

Jenny Gilchrist, watercolour artist and teacher at Northern Beaches Welcome to Watercolour Online Courses.
Watercolour tutorial Classes Workshops Online for beginners with Jenny Gilchrist

By the end of this Level - YOU:

  • Will have a thorough knowledge of all main watercolour techniques
  • and how to apply them
  • Have had tons of practice putting your skills into real-life painting applications.
  • Be painting more complicated pictures.
  • Will be able to plan your own painting.
  • Will have a great set of reference notes.
  • Will have a great list of resources to draw from
  • Will have access to Jenny's enormous watercolour community
  • Be ready to start painting full complexity, 3 layer paintings of size.
  • and you'll be able to produce paintings you can be proud of.

Welcome to Watercolour

Absolute Beginner's Level 3 Curriculum

  Welcome to Watercolour - Level 3 - Almost Intermediate
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 1 - How to make a Study - Light up your Lighthouse
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 2 - Fun with Masking Fluid
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 3 - Backgrounds - Beauty or Terror?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 4 - Illustration Style
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 5 - Clouds and atmosphere studies.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 6 - The Super Fun NO BRAINER workshop - just fun - Just Painting.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 7 - Painting Water
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 8 - Pen and Ink
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 9 - Editing for great results
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Class 10 - Trees, glorious trees
Available in days
days after you enroll
  But wait....there's MORE! Don't skip these, don't know what you might find out!
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Watercolour Classes Workshops Online for beginners with Jenny Gilchrist

Did they Love it?

(Of course they did.)

"It's so great to have EVERYTHING at your fingertips, photo references, demonstrations, explanations, even a virtual critique after every painting, so I can troubleshoot if I've done something wrong! This is hands down the best course I've ever done, and I've tried plenty. Worth every penny. Thanks Jenny."

-Andrea Cooke

"Unbelievable! I had no idea what I was missing out on, I thought I was an intermediate painter, I'm SO glad I started from the start, its made a huge difference to the quality of my painting."

Marie Gunderson

"‘ First I would like to say, how comfortable you make me feel -  I am loving your style of painting and teaching. A big Thank you for your gift of sharing knowledge with us. It is such a blessing to be taught watercolour in our homes online! No travelling costs. ‘‘ 

  • Suzanne R.

I haven’t done much art / painting since school and I am loving Jenny’s beginner course. I’ve found the classes easy to follow and you can make notes as she is explaining and painting. I’m surprised how quickly I’ve been able to paint really lovely things. Jenny is clear at explaining what to do and is honest and encouraging with her feedback. I’ve booked in for stage 2 already!"

-Katie Jacka

But did they REALLY love it?

Paintings below by Jenny Gilchrist.

Online Watercolour course for Beginners with Jenny Gilchrist

Su T. - Online Beginners Stage 1


"I am absolutely LOVING my online watercolour class with Jenny Gilchrist. Many years ago I painted, in another medium, and I lost all inspiration and joy in making art. Through Jenny’s enthusiasm and excellent instruction, I have found it again.

Having fun with watercolour in my own home and in my own space is so refreshing. I feel comfortable and COVID-safe. And I don’t have to schlepp baskets of materials to strange studios."

Online Watercolour course for Beginners with Jenny Gilchrist

Sally Lane - Online Absolute Beginners


"So many things have become clear to me since starting the course with Jenny. I’m really starting to understand how watercolour works. The classes are engaging, great fun and very relaxed. Jen is so knowledgeable, patient and encouraging, and and I feel I’m improving every week." 

Online Watercolour course for Beginners with Jenny Gilchrist

Jodie B - Online Absolute Beginners


"WOW, that was the absolute best 2.5 hours I have had for a VERY long time. Jenny is not only a talented artist, but she also has a gift in translating that talent into teaching in a very easy to follow and enjoyable way. Jenny’s running commentary is informative, explaining every concept as she goes and I actually get it, it’s great. Her jokes, facts, hints, tips, guessing competitions all make for a class that is fun, informative, practical and very, very enjoyable. Totally recommend, if you're willing, Jenny is able :)"


How much does this course cost?

This full Level 3 course for Absolute Beginners costs US$265 / AUD$340 one off payment OR 3 x monthly USD$92.50 / AUD$125. You can choose which currency and which payment method. We accept credit cards/ debit card and paypal. All paypal payments are in USD.

What is your painting style?

You can see some of Jenny's paintings in the pictures above the testimonials, and much simpler ones in the collage near the top. This is Jenny's style. (read FAQ further down.) You can also visit, Jenny's Art School, and see more.

When does the course start?

There's no start date, you start whenever YOU are ready. You take as long as you want, and finish whenever you like.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

I'm sure you won't be but if life happens, contact me within 30 days and we'll get your refund sorted. Use the Teachable contact button for this. We have a "Satisfaction Guaranteed or money back if contact is made in 30 days" policy.

Do I need certain equipment?

Jenny will definitely suggest the best equipment that will give the best possible results, (we don't want you to waste your time or money!). The paper is the only compulsory item. All other equipment is your choice, but equipment lists are supplied to give the most artist quality results.

Jenny has an affiliated link with Jackson's Art store in London for the most unbelievably cheap prices on paint. Click here:

What if I have a problem with my painting or want to ask a question?

Jenny will respond to questions. There are two ways to talk to Jenny about your paintings / painting problems. a) in the comments section under most modules of each class - you can even post pictures, and b) in your private and exclusive W2Watercolour Facebook Group (for our students ONLY. ) Here you can post paintings, ask questions, get feedback, make suggestions and enjoy the student community. Please allow time for a response as she is a working mum.

How long will this course take?

Jenny teaches this exact course in her face to face and Zoom classes. It takes her class about 3 months - once a week for 10 weeks in 2.5 hour classes to follow the class, and paint the exercise, then practice during the week. It will take you as long as you want - the more practice you give yourself the better.

Do we paint all those paintings on this page?

You do paint some of the top grid are just a few of the 100+ paintings Jenny's students paint over the course, not all in Level 3 however. The other paintings on this page are Jenny's own. You will learn the skills to paint your own paintings.

Is Jenny a good artist?

Judge for yourself. Have a look at Jenny's 'gallery' on her Watercolour School Website: : click on this link: You can also find the student gallery on the same website, these students have been painting 2 years or less.

Is Jenny a good teacher?

Good question. Some people are great artists and not such great teachers. Some teachers can't paint for quids! You need a good artist AND a good teacher. That's the point after all. Jenny has taught literally hundreds of adult students to paint in watercolour. Her painting school in Sydney is extremely popular and has a waiting list of years. Word of mouth has been the biggest asset. If there is ONE thing Jenny hears most often, it is that she has a knack of 'breaking things down and getting the point across with simplicity and humour." Jenny thinks constructive critisism is what her students want, not just ego stroking. She knows they want to learn, and she thinks EVERYONE can paint and whatever they produce is their art.

Choose a Pricing Option in AUD or USD (Paypal in USD)