Manly Cove East

A fun, fresh view over the Sydney seaside suburb and tourist mecca, MANLY. This painting will challenge you to simplify and suggest, rather than labour over fine details. The fresh blues and greens, contrast with the warm golds and browns of the rooftops, to create a vibrant and interesting scene that you can recreate over again, using various locations.

Into the Light

A delicious imaginary landscape, with a little trail through towering gums, leading into the light and to...who knows where? The eye wanders through this picture, and so does the mind, but ultimately rests on the gorgeous gumtrees in the foreground. Learn how to let watercolour Do It's Thing, soft edges and hard, strong or light....and to loosen up a bit!

Rosette Succulent

And a bit of a change, lose the loose, and get more precise with this illustrative botanical of a spearmint and mauve succulent from my garden. Tones and soft edges are they key here, a wonderful learning painting, and something you can adapt to other succulents to create some divine decor!

3 paintings

Intermediate Level

(not absolute beginner)

  • THIS WORKSHOP PROVIDES 8-10 HOURS OF PAINTING and 3hrs 50 mins of fully video demonstrated tutorials.
  • No Time limits
  • No expiry dates
  • Equipment listed at the start of each tutorial.




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